Welcome To The Wonderful Wardrobe

The Troublesome Pirate
The Magical Princess

There are pirates and kings and lots of princesses... butterflies and horses and pink fluffy dresses. Cowboys and firemen and animals galore and so many more costumes your child will adore!

At the Wonderful Wardrobe we know there's no limitation to your child's imagination. That's why we've developed this unique pre-school programme to introduce music, action songs, dressing up and rhymes to your young child.
We know that the Wonderful Wardrobe gives your child the best possible start in life, giving them a fantastic outlet for their creativity . It also improves their learning skills, physical development and social skills but most importantly they're having fun!
We know that every child is special, regardless of their age, background or ability, so that's why we've developed this all singing, all dancing programme for your little ones.